BreakBread Work

BreakBread Work is a Culture Shift Agency project that brings organizational colleagues & friends together over a meal to practice deep listening, authentic appreciation and inspired curiosity.

We believe breaking bread over meaningful conversation builds trust, connection, and empathy, nurturing the authentic compassion at the root of transformation which will ultimately resonate throughout an organization’s cultural fabric and create culture shift.

It gave us space to be vulnerable and open up to each other! I feel closer to my teammates after this session.

BreakBread Work, Minerva

It’s Not Just Talk

There’s a lot of talk around transforming the workplace. People are being placed front and center and are being encouraged to bring their authentic selves to work. We’re asking them to recognize and exercise their powers of empathy, collaboration, intuition and compassion. We want diversity and inclusion. And we want all this now with half or more of our team working remotely.

Books, workshops, webinars, consultants – there are numerous ways to learn about, talk about and think about “fixing” all of the above. But we aren’t focused on fixing, we are focused on laying down a context where real relationship, sovereignty, and responsibility can flourish.  That’s why we call it a practice. 

What primarily keeps us feeling lonely and misunderstood…is simply a lack of conversation.”

– Norman Fischer, Zen priest & author

Share a Meal Together

BreadBread Work Meals are reinvigorating the age-old act of intentionally sharing a meal together while guiding the participants in the not-so-age-old act of having mindful conversations on video conference.

“It helps connect with your colleagues as humans not just peers. It can be easy to only interact on work-related things. And being remote doesn’t help. I felt more connected with my colleagues as a result.”

– BreakBread Work Guest, Minerva

Let’s Have a Mindful Conversation

BreakBread Work is founded on the integration of Mindful Conversations, which is the subtle yet powerful practice of being more present, listening more deeply, and weaving connection through curiosity, witnessing, and empathy. That said, meals may start with light conversation but we soon move beyond small talk and shift into cruising altitude where guests think, feel, share, and connect deeply seeing each other in new and nuanced ways and sometimes for the first time ever!

Thank you for facilitating this event, and providing the space for us to share intimately with each other.

BreakBread Work Guest, Minerva