Host Training

We love that you’re interested in hosting BreakBread Dinners! All of our hosts are amazing and generous spirits who are dedicated to helping us all remember that despite our differences, we are all part of the same human family.

Individual Host Training

Individual Host training is for people who want to be a part of the larger BreakBread community as well as host their own individual dinners in their own lives and perhaps even build their own BreakBread communities.

Organizational Host Training

Organizational Host Training is for people and organizations who want to bring the BreakBread process to their corporation, business, non-profit, community organization, or religious institution for a specific purpose.

Who are BreakBread Hosts?

BreakBread hosts are a unique breed that come from all corners of the globe, all walks of life, and all ages, each having their own unique purpose for wanting to host.

Yet they all have one thing in common – they sense the power of slowing down, going deep, and nurturing community through the nourishment of food and mindful conversation.

Why Co-Hosting?

Hosting is as much about pulling off a beautiful and nourishing dinner as it is about having an experience with your co-host.  In fact, we’ve found co-hosting to deepen relationships and have a transformative effect. If you don’t have someone to co-host with, don’t fret, you can either just host at Community Dinners or we can pair you with someone.

What does it mean to host?

Hosting a BreakBread Dinner means skillfully crafting the experience from beginning to end, doing the work of organizing, enacting the BreakBread rituals of mindful presence and safe space, and then guiding guests through mindful conversation which involves deep listening, acknowledgment, pattern making, sharing time, and more.

The BreakBread process can be transformational for both hosts and guests.

  • It’s a flexible process suited to hosts’ specific purpose.
  • It’s a practice that’s success and power rely on consistency and repetition.
  • It’s a supportive global community of other impassioned hosts along with a dedicated BreakBread team with whom to share wisdom and experience.

What’s Required To Become A BreakBread Host?

  1. Attend two BreakBread Dinners. If you haven’t attended dinner and would like to, contact us to get invited.
  2. Schedule a conversation, which is essentially a friendly conversation where we begin to get to know you and understand your vision for hosting.
  3. Complete an online training.
  4. Host 6 dinners a year (although most hosts enjoy hosting every month!).
  5. Attend the Mindful Conversation Introduction (price reduced for hosts).

Whether you’ve been attending BreakBread Dinners for a while or just stumbling across this, we invite you to join us in reweaving our common humanity one dinner at a time.

Why not just give us a hosting tipsheet and let us be on our way?

BreakBread conversations are process-driven rather than content-driven. They are about connecting with one another by exploring relationship rather than just sharing opinion, expounding information, or solving problems. Our process fosters conversations that offer deep, meaningful nourishment where people are encouraged to show up fully, listen, think, and empathize where everyone has a seat at the table.

We believe fostering deeper, more meaningful conversations takes skill, awareness, patience, and practice – things that can’t be conveyed through a tipsheet but are more effectively imparted through guided training and engaged conversation.

You mention Mindful Conversation training, what is that?

We also have a particular approach that’s based in what we call Mindful Conversation, a practice that brings us into deeper connection with one another. Even as “advanced” facilitators and conversationalists, we stand by the importance of ongoing learning around the divine dance of conversation and the art of connecting.