The Ever-Present Conversation:

Reconnect Through Embodied Conversation

Tuesday, September 19 6:30-9:00
The Forest Haven (Saugerties, NY)

Conversation is everywhere. Whether it’s our own internal dialogue, with our bodies, dreams, friends, or the world around us, we’re never not in conversation. 

Conversation is relationship. And the conversations we have day to day color our relationships and cumulatively over our lifetime, shape the arc of our lives. What if we could more effectively navigate difficult conversations? What if we could learn to have conversations that were more engaging, nourishing, loving, and powerful? When we learn how to be more fully alive in the flow of The Ever-Present Conversation we have the opportunity to transform our relationships and ultimately,  the world around us.

Join us for an experiential workshop where we expand the definition of what conversation can be and learn how we can actively create a better life through better conversation.

I came to work with Martha and John thinking it would improve my conversations and was surprised that it also improved my relationships!

It was quite mind-opening for me to see how I control conversation, instead of letting it emerge.

I have never experienced such a mind-opening, heart-expanding, body-calming conversation.

About the Facilitators

Martha Williams and John Scilipote are creators, thinkers, and community connectors passionate about the power of conversation to create communities of care, connection, trust, and belonging. They founded BreakBread World – reweaving our common humanity through meaningful conversation over food – and developed Embodied Conversation, a practice that teaches people how to be more present and claim more agency for conversations that are more fully engaged and meaningful leading to relationships with self and others that are more alive and loving.

They bring their deep love for one another and sense of play to every event they lead along with their collective experience in facilitation, coaching, healing, mindfulness, culture & sustainability, music, dance, and the arts.