What Is Culture?

Culture in its simplest terms is “shared meaning” so if you want a more conscious culture or to “shift culture,” you have to understand what meaning is already resonating in the people…in the culture. You included!

Shared meaning is often invisible and laced with assumptions, expectations, and implicit values that aren’t fully known or understood. And, we often think of culture as something out there, deemed by some authority. But culture lives in “the people” and in the people’s relationship to the ideas, stories, and ethos of a culture.

Thus people’s rising consciousness around culture through inquiry & CONVERSATION brings power back to the people! It gives people choice, and can give people agency in life, work, and community.

BreakBread Incubators are culture-building containers designed to elevate the role of inquiry into an organization or community. And BreakBread prompts are where it all starts. They are designed to reconnect us to the underlying ideas and stories that make us who we are individually and socially as well as reconnect to each other…so we are stronger together.