Why Now?

There are many benefits that technology has afforded us, but the downsides can’t be ignored.

More people struggle with issues like loneliness, disempowerment, and depression – fueled by a multitude of shallow connections, a decrease in meaningful conversations, and the epidemic of corrosive comparison.

In Sherry Turkle’s important book Reclaiming Conversations, she says, “Without the demands and rewards of intimacy and empathy, we end up feeling alone while together online… And when we do get together, we are quite frankly less prepared than before to listen. We have lost empathy skills. And of course, this, too, makes us more alone.”

We believe a brighter future lies ahead when we reacquaint ourselves with the nourishment, power, and complexity of deep relationships, mindful conversation, and real, live friends and community.

Nourishment will not come by spewing tweets and consuming more media, sharing a photo of your friend’s pet, or binging in an AI-curated echo-chamber but by sitting across from a live person engaged in meaningful, open-hearted conversation.

It comes from direct engagement with others – listening, being heard, caring for, and practicing the art of mindful conversation which is the foundation of the BreakBread process.

In fact, according to a study by sociologists Matthias R. Mehl and Simine Vazire, “Happier people have “twice as many substantive conversations.”

“Happier people have “twice as many substantive conversations.”

And now, since the onset of the global pandemic, gathering virtually but face to face has become commonly accepted and widely popular. With this, we see a new way forward to bring the BreakBread process to large numbers of people, unimpeded by geography in a sustainable way.

It’s time to reacquaint ourselves with conversation that sustains us and ignites a more complex and genuine relationship with our own inner wisdom and that of others through the everyday act of sharing conversation over a meal with new and old friends.

With the global challenges ahead, it will only be our ability to truly be in community that will bring us into greater fulfillment and safety.