What Is BreakBread World?

BreakBread World is a growing global community dedicated to reweaving our common humanity over active and inspired conversation while sharing in the intimate act of breaking bread together.

For two hours you are invited to experience a quiet oasis where you show up as you are –– to listen, share, laugh, and connect, enjoying one another’s presence and company. Each dinner revolves around a carefully crafted prompt that cuts past tiresome small talk. Every gathering is different, every conversation unique. Sometimes it’s deep, sometimes it’s light, sometimes it’s like stumbling upon an unexpected vista of inspiration that lingers long after dinner is done.

BreakBread was created as an antidote to the modern phenomenon of shallow consumerism, marketplace obsession, isolation and digital overload. Yet BreakBread gatherings are not about solving problems….but rather, creating a new context where mind/body nourishment, community and deep inquiry are central to our fulfilled sustenance.

What if being engaged, nourished, loving, welcoming and curious were the global culture norm? What if deep connection is understood and practiced every day all over the world? That is the dream of BreakBread World.

BreakBread World is a Culture Shift Agency project.