Reweaving Our Common Humanity
One Dinner at a Time

BreakBread World is a growing global community committed to reweaving our common humanity using the most powerful tool known to humankind…

face-to-face conversation

BreakBread World is…

A Community

that delightfully practices the art of mindful conversation for the purpose of cultivating deep meaningful nourishment.

A Practice

that builds stronger communities by exercising our capacity to intentionally show up and listen, think, and empathize with one another.

A Platform

that facilitates the creation and management of small, intentional gatherings around the globe.

A Belief

that meaningfully breaking bread creates deep, powerful, tangible (yet intangible) attunement that resonates throughout our cultural fabric.

BreakBread World is the dream of building a more deeply connected world through mindful conversation every day!

“We’re all human at the kitchen table.”

“It’s not about ideology or dogma. It’s a search for purpose, community and identity.”

“Our differences are our strength as a species and as a world community.”

How Does BreakBread Work?

Receive an invite

A friend extends a personal invitation to BreakBread with new and old friends over a carefully crafted prompt. They ask you to commit with vigor* and invite a friend! Get invited.

Invite a friend

Dinner is better with friends. You extend the same invitation to one of your friends.


Be nourished by an intimate evening (5-7 dinner-goers) weaving meaningful conversation and food.


Reflect on what you learned and how deeply you were heard and seen by new and old friends. Ask yourself how you can get more of that and wait to be invited again.


Perhaps feel inspired to host dinner yourself! If so, we invite you to our community!

Mindful conversation is the practice of being more present, listening more deeply, and being more in relationship with others.

It is a practice of building intimacy through curiosity, weaving connections, witnessing one another, and building empathy. Mindful conversations feel good and deepen bonds with self and others.

At its core, it is exercising that muscle commonly referred to as an
open heart.

This Month’s BreakBread Prompt


In physics, there is something known as the “observer effect”. This refers to how the act of observation changes the object or system being observed. One could make a correlation between being observed and being seen.

What does it mean to “be seen”? Share how the experience of being seen (or not being seen) has altered or affected you.

What Guests Are Saying

This is the best thing I’ve done all year!

“BreakBread conversations stay with me for weeks.”

“If you’re not building community you’re not building trust.”

Guests have enjoyed BreakBread all over the world!