BreakBread Team


Martha Williams & John Scilipote are the developers of BreakBread World and Mindful Conversation and have facilitated hundreds of BreakBread experiences since its inception in 2020.

Martha, a long-time creative mad-woman & director who draws from dance, film and sustainability (CalArts, YouTube, The Flea Theater, BugHouse SPIN, the Chelsea Art Museum, Spike Lee) and John a soulful musician (Jazz, Latin, Big Band), published poet, and non-dual healer who raised a family while running a digital marketing and technology business for 25 years…got together. They wanted to use their skills and passionate vantage to elevate endeavors that are uncover the unsaid and unseen while shifting into world of healthy head, heart, and earth. This is when they developed BreakBread, a transformative food / conversation process that nourishes the body while calling upon the gifts of the heart and mind, to expand and flex our assumptions about how we live together in a culture and be with ourselves, others, and the world around us. They believe the practice of inquiry and curiosity is the antidote to potentially slow cooking into societal dysfunction.


#ListenFirst Coalition (Data Partners)
#ListenFirst is a data partner helping us collect data and measure impact.
#ListenFirst is a powerful coalition of bridge-builders bringing Americans together across differences to listen, understand each other, and discover common interests.

Essential Partners (Training Partners)
Essential Partners is partnering with us to scale our training. For more than three decades, EP has helped civic groups, faith communities, colleges, and workplaces foster resilience, cohesion, understanding, and trust. Their work helps people recognize and transform the self-perpetuating patterns that undermine effective communication and collaboration across differences of identity, belief, personality, and perspective.


Steve House, Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships at Braver Angels and a tactical business mind who equally stands for the emotional and spiritual bridging needed to solve the red/blue divide. 

Sean Harvey, Chief Compassion Officer and Founder at Warrior Compassion, under the Sympónia Studios umbrella with over 20 years dedicated to personal, organizational, and societal transformation work.

Susan Mazonson, 40 year Corporate Consultant (Leadership, Business Development, Women’s Empowerment, Telecom), a long-time business owner and now leadership trainer focused on women and racial equity.