Embodied Conversation Coaching

Do your conversations sometimes leave you powerless and frustrated? Or bored and wanting more? Or feeling unsure or not heard?

We have conversations everyday and certain ones just seem stuck.

  • Some have you spinning in the same cycles of blame and arguing over who’s right and wrong.
  • Some are stuck in tiresome small talk.
  • Some you avoid because they are too tough, or worse, you decide to cut off the relationship.

If you want better conversations, you need to claim agency because…

…over time, the conversations we have shape the arc of our lives.

But how do you shift your conversations

when you are swimming in a lifetime of unconscious habits and patterns? Or if you have examined your habits and patterns, have you done it through the lens of conversation, have you also connected these patterns to your body?

You need practices…

that derail the habits and patterns that keep you stuck in the same conversation.

You need to get underneath the conversation

 and see what’s really feeding the discomfort and lack of fulfillment.

You need an outside eye

 to support you to help you see things you can’t see on your own.

Embodied Conversation is a practice developed by Martha Williams and John Scilipote, founders of BreakBread World, a process anchored in the tenets of Embodied Conversation.  They both bring unique, creative, embodied gifts to their coaching along with a lifetime of experience. Martha is a Co-Active Coach, facilitator, film director, former choreographer; John is a Nondual Healer, facilitator, musician, poet.

Our practice is based on…

Slowing down, embodied presence, embodied Intention, the three movements of conversation, conversational inquiry & much more!

Embodied Conversation Coaching is….

1. Guidance through a set of Embodied Conversation practices to help you derail ingrained patterns and habits in conversation.

2. A deeper look at the emotional dimensions of the conversations where you are stuck.

3. An outside eye to help you to see past your unconscious patterns and support you in trying new things.


50-min sessions: $250/session or sliding scale $150-350/session

Three-month package (3 sessions/month): $600/month or sliding scale $400-1,000/month

Group coaching sessions (1.5 hours, 3-6 people): $75-125/person

Are you in need of financial help? Are you a financial helper?

Read about our Coaching Assistance Fund…

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If you’re a coaching client and able to give more than the listed price, or if you’d like to make a donation and designate it to our coaching assistance fund, your dollars into a pool for people who could use some help.

Need Help?
If you’re interested in Embodied Conversation Coaching but your present financial situation makes it cost-prohibitive, please contact us directly and we will talk about dipping into the Coaching Assistance Fund.