Embodied Conversation

There is a movement afoot. A deep desire to reconnect. To come into more meaningful relationships with others around us. We have the raw tools. The capacity, the desire, the need.

Yet many of us are starving. Disconnection is the true disease of our modern society. It lies at the root of all our pain and suffering. In our societal pursuit of self as individual we have lost out on the most enriching aspect of being alive – self as community.

This is the paradox. We are individuals AND we are one. To abide on one side of the equation in a relentless pursuit of individuation is to forgo the rich tapestry of human experience.

It is with this in mind that we practice Embodied Conversation.

What is Embodied Conversation?

  • Embodied Conversation is a transformational practice that involves being and becoming more present while in the flow of conversation with others.
  • It is the practice of coming into relationship with ourselves and others.
  • It helps us to arrive and abide in our common humanity.


We live in a world where disconnect is normative – so much so if we see it at all, we often don’t realize how it permeates our lives. When we reside in disconnection, the values we hold as our highest ideal – empathy, compassion, and love – are mere concepts, platitudes, acts of doing rather than states of being.

Embodied Conversation is a practice that challenges us to abide in the present while bringing mindful awareness into our day-to-day interactions. As an ever-accelerating world swirls around us, Embodied Conversation offers us a choice to make a conversation or even a passing interaction an oasis infused with more meaning, nurturing, and nourishment.

More Than Just Your Intellect

We live in poverty when conversation is approached as a purely intellectual process. We are so much more than talking heads. We all have hearts, spirits, AND bodies. And to ignore the whole of who we are is to live in poverty.

Your body speaks. Your body listens. Your body moves. As does your heart, as does your spirit. The gift of Embodied Conversation is the challenge to expand our attention to venture below the neckline into the realm of heart, body, and spirit and to let them speak as well as listen.

Is it Embodied Conversation if only one person is practicing?

Yes. Just like a single blade of grass can emerge from a crack in the middle of a concrete sidewalk, awareness, presence, compassion, and consciousness can flower in any conversation. It’s possible no one will notice but sometimes a conversation is transformed.

Learn & Practice Embodied Conversations

We’re working on it! Both opportunities to learn (courses and workshops) and to practice. For now, BreakBread dinners are an opportunity to practice Embodied Conversation although we do not teach it as part of our gatherings.