About BreakBread Prompts

BreakBread prompts are open-ended questions thoughtfully crafted to bring people into relationship and resonance with one another. They are not seeded in external events, people, or politics. They don’t demand that we resolve issues, bridge difference, or solve problems. Instead, they invite us inward to call upon the gifts of our own lived experience and wisdom to explore and wonder about things that resonate on a deeper more intimate level. Things that hold relevance across cultures, persuasions, and generations. Things that make us human – that make life worth living.

Dinner may start with light conversation to help everyone get to know one another and feel comfortable but we soon move beyond small talk as the evening’s prompt helps get everyone thinking, feeling, and connecting! Ultimately BreakBread prompts “prompt” us into conversation that’s not so much about what you do and who you know, but rather, who you are and what you think!

A Few of Our Favorite BreakBread Prompts

As you’ve moved through your life, how has love and your feelings about it changed?

What is truth to you? And when has hearing the truth of another changed you or your truth?

What does freedom feel like? Tell us a story (or a moment) when you discovered you were free or when you discovered that you weren’t free.

How has faith served you or failed you in your life?

How has Social Media lived up to or not lived up to its promise?

Where in your life and/or in your world do fear and desire cross paths?