The BreakBread Mission is to grow a global community dedicated to reweaving our common humanity over active and inspired conversation while sharing in the intimate act of breaking bread together.


Our dream is a world where deep listening and inquiry, intentional community and friendship, and full body/mind nourishment trumps the compulsion to obsess over social media, junk news and the marketplace.


Our Common Humanity

First and foremost, we value the common humanity that binds us all. However different we are in our looks, experience, culture and beliefs, however we feel about one another, we are intractably bound together by our shared humanity. We stand for honoring that shared bond for one cannot diminish or deny the humanity of another without diminishing or denying our very own humanity and that of everyone in our lives we hold dearly.

Active Community

We abide in many circles of community, some quite large, even global.  But are these communities human scale enough that there is a seat at the table for each of us, for our active authentic selves? In active community we participate contributing our time and presence with integrity in ways that are both responsible and accountable. To serve as well as receive, give as well as take, see as well as be seen, cherish as well as be cherished.

Generous Gratitude

Feeling and expressing thankfulness and appreciation is powerful. When we acknowledge the goodness in our lives and in those around us we become more present and aware. We make tangible strides to improving our outlook, our relationships, and our connection to self, others and the world. It’s even been shown that gratitude positively affects our health. The simple act of gratitude enriches our life, the lives of those around us and is a cornerstone of active community.

Radical Imagination

Building community, reweaving our common humanity, or any movement towards a better world is impossible without imagination. It is all too easy to fall into the ideology of No. A No mindset asks why would you want to do that? Or says, it can’t be done; things can’t be changed. It’s a limiting ethos that suffers from a lack of imagination. Radical imagination is expansive, asking what if? And how? It is a beacon that calls us from the edges of the unknown and dares us to venture towards it with courage, curiosity and awe.

Courageous Curiosity

Curiosity is how we get to know the world and ourselves. The power of curiosity lies not only in our ability to question and seek but also our ability to listen and receive. Sometimes the response to our curiosity is an actual answer but often it’s an invitation to yet more inquiry and dares us to be vulnerable in our quest.  It takes courage to follow our curiosity and even more courage to surrender and be open when the unknown responds.

Showing Up

The most powerful, loving, generous act you can do is to show up. Showing up is consciously deciding what we do with our time and attention. It is one of the few things we actually have control over and one of the biggest things we take for granted. It’s an expression of what we value in our lives and who we value – including ourselves. 

The power of showing up is that it transforms thought into action. All other values including love and gratitude are just thoughts and ideas until we live them through how we show up for ourselves and others. In BreakBread we practice showing up. We sit together. We listen. We share. We see one another. All to the best of our ability as we are in each moment.