BreakBread World on the Radio

O+ Radio Hour

In this episode of the O+ Radio Hour, Jesse Scherer talks with Martha Williams & John Scilipote, who are Kingston-based conversation activists, culture-makers & the developers of BreakBread World and Embodied Conversation.

O+ Radio Hour

Good Work Radio Hour

Hosted by Micah Bluestein, Co-founders Martha Williams & John Scilipote dive deep into the need and beauty of intentionally held space to eat and converse together as a community.

I Want What She Has

Hosted by Theresa Widmann, I Want What She Has Podcast is a weekly antidote to the patriarchy brought to you by way of live radio and podcast feed, amplifying women’s voices and our stories.

The conversation with Co-founder Martha Williams, weaves through the meaning of conversation activism, how Martha found this work, the patriarchy, the embodiment of the masculine and the feminine and so much more.

I Want What She Has Podcast