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Welcome! And please, pull up a chair.

We are a global community reweaving our common humanity by breaking bread over mindful conversation.

BreakBread World supports the creation of small, human-scale BreakBread communities around the world formed and maintained by cohosts who together with their networks and interests imbue their gatherings with purpose and intention.

BreakBread World provides training, tools, processes, and a larger context from which to draw support and inspiration.  BreakBread is a process and practice– not a dogma or a prescription – so every community is unique in its reweaving of our human tapestry.

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Individual BreakBread communities are run by the hosts who organize them. Based on each host’s intent and purpose many communities are only open to their network so they’re by invitation only. If you know one of these hosts, you’re in! Call them up and bug them!

Some hosts like to open their communities to newcomers they don’t personally know. To get an invitation to one of these dinners, fill out our questionnaire and we’ll let our hosts know about you!

Join As A Host

If you want to be a BreakBread host and start your own BreakBread community, check out our host training page. You’ll be asked to fill out an intake questionnaire and we’ll be in touch soon about how to support you.

BreakBread Work

We’re taking BreakBread into the workplace!

Forward-thinking leaders understand the power of fostering a healthy workplace culture. BreakBread conversations build trust and bring participants into fuller, more compassionate relationship with one another.