Interested in Hosting?

We love that you’re interested in hosting BreakBread Dinners! All of our hosts are amazing and generous spirits who are guiding themselves and dinner guests toward inspired conversation that reminds us of the power of respectful, engaged conversation and the insight and connection it can generate. Our hosts are dedicated to helping us all remember that despite our differences, we are all part of the same human family.

We do have requirements as well as a thoughtful training process.

What’s Required To Become A BreakBread Host?

  • Attend two BreakBread Dinners.
  • Have a conversation with Martha and John about your intent.
  • Complete an online training.
  • Host at least 6 dinners a year (this can include Community Dinners).
  • Attend a mindful conversation introduction (discounted $ for hosts).

But first, a little information and our team will follow up with you soon!