BreakBread: The American Village Series

Nourishing Trust & Unity In Our Local Communities
By Gathering Over Enriching Conversation And Food.

“I have never experienced such a mind-opening, heart-expanding, body-calming conversation.”

– E. Evans, Peace Innovation Initiative


The American Village is Fragmented

Trust is on the Decline

Perceived trust in institutions, government, media, and ultimately, each other is on the decline. This lack of trust makes it all the more difficult to solve problems facing us locally and nationally.

Division is Growing

Polarization and hotbutton issues have risen to the forefront and many feel unsure, emotionally unsafe and sometimes even physically endangered to engage in open discourse.

People Want to Connect

Despite the heightened anxiety created in a climate of distrust and division, people crave connection and thrive in social situations that are fun, educational and rewarding.

How do we break out of the spiral of disconnection in our American Villages?

We need to repair & reclaim the American story from the ground up through personal connection and meaningful face-to-face conversation that feeds our sense of shared humanity.

The American Village Series is an in-person, place-based process that brings people together in an environment grounded in respect where trust can take root and includes…

blue line

Committed People
A society’s greatness is rooted in its people. When people gather in mutual respect and common purpose, great things happen!

Meaningful Conversation
Deep connection is fostered through meaningful conversation in which all are welcomed and celebrated in the sharing of personal stories and experience.  

Regular Nourishment
Feeding our relationships and our bodies not only feels good, it gives us the energy to do the hard work of community when it arises.

Powerful Invitation
When the invitation to show up as you are, not as you “should be” is intentional and genuine and we have friends at the table – our shared humanity takes precedent and community bonds form.

BreakBread: The American Village Series is focused on using the BreakBread format to build a stronger, more vibrant, resilient America; one village, hamlet, and metropolis at a time. 

An ongoing process that artfully brings people together to break bread while connecting through deeper, more meaningful conversation — a process supported by skilled facilitation rooted in a practice of respect that inspires trust and collaboration.

The series itself focuses on prompts related to the American journey from our American roots, to American life and onward with the American dream. And…it doesn’t matter what kind of American you are, you are welcome to the table!

This is a specialized series for multiple communities within a municipality that bridges communities, activates trust & awakens deep engagement.

Imagine over the course of a year multiple communities, neighborhoods, and even government bodies gathering monthly at different locations but all exploring one single question for the month while practicing respect for each other, learning how to honor the gifts we all embody – despite our differences.

Our first stop is Kingston, NY – our beloved community!

How does it work?

BreakBread starts with a genuine invitation that powerfully welcomes people as they are. It is the opportunity for to be nourished and reivigorated in body, mind, and heart through a simple delicious meal at tables of 5-7 (we can accommodate as many tables as you need).  Through meaningful conversation centered  around a carefully crafted prompt, BreakBread cuts past small talk and doesn’t demand that we resolve issues, 

bridge differences, solve problems or win. Conversations are gently guided by a gentle facilitation process derived from Mindful Conversation. All BreakBread Conversations are an invitation to reflect inward and call upon the gifts of our own lived experience and wisdom. Having held hundreds of BreakBread, the process is grounded in a solid reliable structure that gracefully creates space for trust to emerge.

Our community is growing because of BreakBread.

I’m reminded to be more open, and generous, and to work on being less fearful of groups.

I know myself more after our time together.

So grateful for the delicious food & authentic company!

Our dream is to eventually bring BreakBread: The American Village Series to cities, towns, and villages all over the United States! 

For Individuals

If you are an individual interested in joining BreakBread: The American Village Series, contact us. If and when a series opens up in your town, we will be in touch.

For Communities

If you have an existing community you would like to bring BreakBread: The American Series to, contact us and we will set up a meeting to discuss.

For Municipalities

If you are a municipality and curious about launching a BreakBread: The American Village Series in your town, contact us and we will set up a meeting to discuss.