Community Dinner FAQs

Welcome to BreakBread Community Dinner

You may have some questions…

7-25 people at dinner? How Will This Work?

While this won’t be exactly like the regular BreakBread dinners, we will capture much of the same spirit and intention.

  1. At the top of our gathering, we will convene as a group to enter into presence and get settled with guidelines and some introductions.
  2. We will then break out into smaller tables (5 to 7 people) each hosted by a BreakBread host.
  3. Prior to wrapping for the evening, the entire group will reconvene to share before closing.
  4. And of course, as with our regular dinners, we ask that you commit with vigor!

Can my spouse or partner join?

Yes but…

  1. We’d prefer if at all possible you join using separate devices so you’ll appear on separate Zoom squares. Maybe you’d even consider being at separate breakout tables (then you get to compare notes after!).
  2. If you’re going to join us on separate devices please sign up for two reservations then let us know whether you want to be at the same table.
  3. If you’ll be sharing the device you only need one reservation but let us know as we limit the number of couples at each table.

Either way, send us an email so we know!

Am I supposed to bring a +1?

The Community Dinner is primarily about building community with other folks who have already attended BreakBread.  That said if there’s someone you’d like to share this experience with please invite them and have them sign up. Remind them to let us know they’re your guest on the signup form.

Who will host my dinner breakout?

We have our talented BreakBread hosts for the Community Dinner, Martha, John, Marlene, Susan, Maureen.  So you will be paired with one of us for the dinner breakout portion of the evening.

What if I want to be at the dinner breakout with someone specific?

Send us an email and we will see if we can accommodate but thank you in advance for understanding if we can’t.

What if I can’t get in?

Please email

When is the room “closed”?

We close the dinner at 10 mins after start time and sorry we can’t accommodate latecomers.  This is a way of maintaining a more coherent experience for all our guests.

What’s the zoom link?

The zoom link should be in your order confirmation. If you can’t find it, please email us at

How much does it cost?

Our Community Dinners are free and all are welcome but if you’re inspired, we do accept contributions and are grateful for your support.