Mindful Conversation Practice Sessions

At its core, Mindful Conversation is a practice and is meant to be visited regularly and with self-examination, expansion, and learning in mind.

Practice, Practice, Practice

As with many classes and workshops that teach practices, once they’re  over, without a supportive community of other practitioners it’s sometimes hard to maintain the thread of self-learning, or the jolt of insight, or the courage you had to have in order to face a challenge. 

Practice sessions are designed to:
  • Provide fresh inspiration to invigorate the learning you’ve experienced, so it can truly have lasting impact
  • Nurture the powerful, loving, adept communication you already naturally possess 
  • Challenge you to expand your awareness even more through study and practice in community with others
How Does it Work?

Each Mindful Conversation Practice Session starts with a short teaching and then moves into breakouts to practice and get feedback. You’ll also have the opportunity to share revelations or present challenges you’ve encountered. 

Practice sessions will be held the 4th Tuesday of each month and will include practitioners from all the previous Mindful Conversation cohorts.

We will not meet the months of August and December.

Sign up

We have a very special offer for you. As we are in the nascent stages of building the Mindful Conversation practice, we are incentivized to invite you at a much-discounted rate in exchange for committing to practicing monthly for the next 6 months. Your commitment will help deepen your practice and give us the opportunity to play with new ideas and build this community of support.

6 months of practice paid upfront: $60.00 ($10.00/session)

I just want one practice session: $25.00