Embodied Conversation Fundamentals

From Discomfort to Vibrant Attunement

Sunday, April 14
Good Work Institute, Kingston, NY

I have so many new tools to approach conversation.

~ Lindsay Q.

I have a refreshed sense of conversation being a “3rd thing.”

~ David T.

What a great opportunity to explore new concepts and connect more deeply with community.

~ Samuel W.

I have a different understanding of conversation now.

~ Tracy B.

We are always in conversation, yet conversation is rarely examined and even more rarely considered an embodied practice.

Join us for three in-person workshops (join one or all)

We will explore the fundamentals of Embodied Conversation and the nature of conversation through lecture/discussion, embodied practice, and of course, conversation! You are invited to join one or all workshops as well as optional one-on-one coaching in between sessions.

Where: Good Work Institute, 65 Saint James Street, Kingston, NY 12401

When: Sundays February 18 (Rupture), March 17 (Intention), and April 14 (Relationship) from 3:00 to 5:30 pm

Three Focus Areas: Rupture, Intention, Relationship

Workshop 1: Rupture
Moving Through The Conflict of Right & Wrong

Sunday, February 18 from 3:00 to 5:30 pm

We have all experienced the separation that comes with rupture. In this particular exploration, we will focus on the separation that occurs when we fall into patterns of right/wrong (binary) thinking. We’ll learn ways of moving beyond right/wrong thinking and explore ways to open the conversation and reconnect.

Workshop 2: Intention
Making Unconscious Intentions Conscious

Sunday, March 17 from 3:00 to 5:30 pm

Behind every conversation is a conscious or unconscious intention, yet, we rarely stop to consider what those intentions are. When we learn to embody our intentions, the quality of our conversations radically shift.

Workshop 3: Relationship
 The Presence In and Between Us

Sunday, April 14 from 3:00 to 5:30 pm

Conversation is relationship and when we learn to slow down enough to sense our relationship to self, others and the conversation itself we learn to create opportunities to shift the conversation in profound ways.

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Learn to come into “powerful relationship” with self, others, and the world around you through Embodied Conversation – a rich multi-faceted embodiment practice that deepens conversation and helps people move through conflict and disconnection and into attunement.

Workshop Pricing:

Three-Workshop Package: $115
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Single Workshop Registration: $45

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Enhance Your Learning With Embodied Conversation Coaching Sessions

As an ever-accelerating world of conflict swirls around us, Embodied Conversation gives us tools to help us slow down, be more receptive, and claim power in our conversations so we can create more nourishing, meaningful, and effective conversations everywhere we go.

Optional one-on-one Embodied Conversation Coaching sessions are available to extend and enhance learning and to offer the opportunity for additional practice and support in between workshops.

3 Sessions: $450 (save $300)
Single Session: $200 (save $50)
Please inquire about group rates.

Workshop Facilitators

Embodied Conversation is a practice developed by Martha Williams and John Scilipote, founders of BreakBread World, a process anchored in the tenets of Embodied Conversation.  They both bring unique, creative, embodied gifts to their coaching along with a lifetime of experience. Martha is a Co-Active Coach, facilitator, film director, and former choreographer; John is a Nondual Healer, facilitator, musician, and poet.