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Mindful Conversation Journey

Where did all the good conversations go?
And, were they really even that good?

After spending two years in a pandemic in a deeply polarized world, many of us are frustrated, angry, and disconnected.

How can we use conversation to find harmony, joy, and creativity? To reconnect with ourselves, others (even those who are on the “other side”), and the world around us?

After all, conversation is everywhere!

From chatting with the barista at the corner coffee shop, to discussing projects at work, to navigating difficult conversations, to confiding our deepest most intimate feelings to a friend.

What if you could use conversation to go from…

powerless to agency
surface to intimate
bored to creative
disconnected to curious

How would this affect the quality of your life?

I came to Mindful Conversation thinking it would improve my conversations and was surprised that it also improved my relationships!

It was quite mind-opening for me to see how I control conversation, instead of letting it emerge.

I have never experienced such a mind-opening, heart-expanding, body-calming conversation.

In this series you will develop a deeper and more expansive understanding of your beliefs and roles in conversation –– and learn to bring more creativity and aliveness to all your conversations.

Helping you to…

– Deepen your ability to listen
Increase your capacity for curiosity and compassion
Become an active participant in collaboratively shaping your conversations

How does it work?

Week 1 – Abiding in Conversation
Week 2 – Showing up to Listen
Week 3 – Deepening Curiosity and Contribution
Week 4 – Individual practice & laser session (no group class)
Week 5 – Integration

Online classes are 2 hours
Buddy practice between sessions
2 laser sessions with Martha or John between sessions

6 – 12 participants

I learned it is ok to slow down or lay back in a conversation.

– H.N., Student

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As a talker, I learned so much about the power of listening.

– Harvey, Student

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We believe that cost should not be a barrier to anyone who is willing to commit to fully engaging in this course. If your current financial means are limited, please contact us to discuss alternative options we offer. Our conversation will be held in the strictest confidence.