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Amerikatsi: A View Into Freedom

September’s BreakBread prompt was on Freedom:  What does freedom feel like? Tell us a story (or a moment) when you discovered you were free or when you discovered that you weren’t free. We had explored this prompt at two previous BreakBread dinners. Martha pulled it out and dusted it off – We’re not done with this […]

The Abortion Talks…Can Conversation Save Us From Division?

I recently had the privilege of watching the first public screening of The Abortion Talks a yet-to-be released documentary by Sarah Perkins and Josh Sabey, that covers the crimes of John Salvi and the story of six women, all of them leaders in the pro-life and pro-choice movements, who sought to ensure that it would […]

What does the digital future have to do with BreakBread World?

Last week I was tipped off about a digital future conference, Unfinished Live, at the Shed (in Hudson Yards, NYC) which was “exploring the Collision of Technology, Art, Ideas, and Impact.” I left inspired but also deeply disturbed, which is not a definitive conclusion. It is one I drew as an audience member who wasn’t […]

Give Peace A Chance?

Wednesday, September 21 marks the 40th anniversary of the first celebration of the International Day of Peace in 1982 and has been designated Peace Week 2022. I was a child during the tail end of the Vietnam War. I remember seeing it on the television in our living room. I was told the war was […]

The Capital(Ist) “I” / Why Must “i” Be This Way?

There’s been a lot of attention paid to pronouns in recent years. He and she now have a lot of company. It’s becoming more common to meet a person wishing to be referred to as “they” in reference to their “personal gender pronoun”. And there are other personal pronouns that include the likes of ze, […]

What An Amazing Time To Be Alive!?

What does a culture of inquiry mean? It means we have practices in place where we can get under the implicit and explicit assumptions that run our everyday lives. And the benefit is a greater sense of context and meaning – both of which are antidotes to the machine world we live in. With this, we share […]

What Is Culture?

Culture in its simplest terms is “shared meaning” so if you want a more conscious culture or to “shift culture,” you have to understand what meaning is already resonating in the people…in the culture. You included!

What Does Conversation Have To Do With Peace?

John and I were recently invited to attend a panel session at the UN exploring the role of innovation in education and peacebuilding. It was sponsored by The Permanent Missions of Costa Rica and El Salvador to the UN, in collaboration with the Permanent Observer Mission of the University for Peace to the United Nations […]

Embodied Conversation: What is it and Why is it Important?

Shifting Conversation for a More Connected World In a society where disconnection is rampant and we seek belonging and inclusion, the practice of Embodied Conversation invites us to be more present in conversation. It asks us to look at our learned, often unconscious, patterns and challenges us to bring a more whole version of ourselves […]

Desire and Longing in Conversation

Have you had any nourishing conversations today? This week? This month? What do I mean by nourishing? For starters, if you only talk about stuff that could have just been Googled, it doesn’t count. The magic of conversation thrives in the space between self and other.